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Adnan Ansah Photography are Brampton and Mississauga based South Asian Wedding Photography  & Corporate Head shots Studio specializing in elegant luxury weddings, photojournalism and Fine Art photography. Be it South Asian Wedding photography, Middle Eastern or an English fairy tale wedding we specialize by delivering beautiful images for brides and grooms in Greater Toronto Area and Internationally to Middle East & Europe.

Posing Guide for Brides & Grooms


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Posing Guide for Brides & Grooms

Adnan Ansah

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Posing Guide

How to look your best…

Posing is one of the most fears a lot of brides and grooms have on their wedding day and even on their Engagement session.

The E-shOOT as we call it is very important because it sets the benchmark of what is expected of a photographer on the wedding day. I always shoot engagement sessions for my couples because it will help them relate the tension of posing or art of posing. I normally take 2-3 mins of directing the bride and groom and 10 seconds to take that shot.

With every segment of the envoirnment I use that to my advantage, be it putting a bride right against the wall or shooting the groom in his living room.

Below are example of a bride I shot with posing her at her engagement session, You start by simple tasks of just standing and putting your entire weight of the body on back leg which in turns gives out the shape of the hip, and then rest your hand on that hip.

The next is how to pose the couple through the shoot. My main focus is to make sure the couple is well warmed up with a few solo shots and then the directing of the couple comes in who are already in love with each other.

Mind you the more you focus on posing the less likely it will turn out great. This is what I have been preaching throughout my career. The couple should just focus on their love and chemistry with each other, leave the directing to me.

Below is the example of each image I took while posing the couple and interacting with them.

Place your arm on groom shoulder and let him grab your hand to ensure you’re HIS! While bride is grabbing the groom arm to ensure he is Hers!  Look at each other and the magic appears!  Below are more images of them.

Place your arm on groom shoulder and let him grab your hand to ensure you’re HIS! While bride is grabbing the groom arm to ensure he is Hers!

Look at each other and the magic appears!

Below are more images of them.

While this is true for couples on their engagement session lots of bride are nervous & stressed of their looks & posings on the BIG day. my theory is to keep it as simple as we can while bride is reminiscing her day.

A simple sets of poses below I have created to ensure she looks the best on her day.

1st Image - Point nose towards light & Arms rest on lap. Right should up and left shoulder down.

2nd Image - Show me the thinnest part of your right arm and hold your hand under your chin while resting the other arm. Point nose again towards the light I am creating.

3rd image - Fix your jewellery with eyes down and pointing your nose again towards the light.

4th Image - Showcase me thinnest part of the arm and look straight at the camera while being rested on the chair.

5th Image - Fix your bangles while looking at it.

6th image - Try approaching your head jewellery while looking down.

These are simple tricks in my book that I use all the time with every bride. Now are you feeling the pose and getting more comfortable.


When it comes on the wedding day where you need to pose quick ! Remember I have already trained my bride and groom throughout the entire journey from engagement session to pre-wedding ceremonies to wedding day portrait shots.

With simple guidance I un-earth Image below with complete authority of how to pose.

Image 1- Put your back onto the groom which telling the groom to push her forward so that there is no gap between the two of them. Letting the groom know to place his hand on her hip while the bride places her hand on his or grabbing her veil while both of them look down.

Image 2 - Bride is focused on placing her hand on the groom hand which is on her hip. Looking straight at the camera and the groom nose is almost touching the cheek of the bride who has offered it to her groom, while the groom looks down.

Image 3 - Simple of facing each other where as this time I reversed the pose as to groom looking at the camera & the bride looking at her groom.

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